The History Of Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of golf equipment as well as golf lifestyle apparel. It is known for its expertise in combining both traditional and new technologies. But what is the story behind this popular golf brand that has gained acclaim for its oversized club heads?

Golf BallsCallaway Golf started in the early 1980s (in 1982 to be exact). Sixty year-old Ely Callaway Jr. was at the time the president of Burlington Industries, a popular textile company and founder of a world-class winery in Southern California. Callaway was fond of playing golf and his favorite brand of golf clubs was Hickory Sticks.When the business of Hickory Sticks started going down, they approached him and asked him to invest in their brand.Callaway bought half of the company and it was renamed Callaway Hickory Stick.

After a few years he bought the rest of the company shares and it was renamed Callaway Golf. But this purchase was just the start of the rise of Callaway Golf as one of the world’s leading brands of golf equipment.

Ely started reinventing and innovating the golf club, changing the look, feel and performance of sporting equipment that had been the same for the past 250 years.

In 1986, the company started using computer-controlled manufacturing machines to make golfing equipment. This innovation gave birth to the popular Big Bertha drivers, the first of which came out in 1991. These large-headed clubs (up to 190 cubic centimeters) were designed by Richard Helmstetter who was at the time the top designer of the company. The original Big Bertha was a hit and was the predecessor of a whole line of golf clubs with exotic materials and oversized heads. These golf clubs rose to become the most popular golf clubs as golfers found that they liked their performance out on the green.

In 1997, Callaway acquired Odyssey Sports and made it a subsidiary. This led to a line of putters that came out in 2000.In 2002, equipment designer Roger Cleveland came up with the Callaway Golf Forced Wedges. That same year, designer Chuck Yash came up with a new golf ball. Aerodynamic computer programs were used to design the Rule 35, a ball that boasted of complete performance in an attempt to combine the features of balls made for distance or height and so on. In 2003, the company came up with its own line of footwear and eventually other golf lifestyle products.


The management and leadership of the company have changed a couple of times in the past few years but Ely Callaway Jr.’s love for golf and the company was indeed a constant guide up until his death in 2001. His philosophy still lives on, though, made evident by the company’s resounding success in the market.

Today, the American company continues to design, manufacture, market, and sell its golf equipment. The golf company has various ways of selling the equipment—through wholesale, retail, and even online. There are also trade-in options and secondhand or pre-owned stores specifically for their products. There is even a website solely for secondhand Callaway products. Currently, Callaway sells its products in more than 110 countries.

The company has also acquired more subsidiaries. Currently, it is the umbrella group of Odyssey putters, Top-Flite, Strata and Ben Hogan. Callaway has also been a part of a number of endorsement deals with the world’s top golfers as well as partnerships with a number of companies like Nintendo.

The product line of Callaway now includes various golf clubs (drivers, irons, fairway woods, wedges, hybrids), balls, golfing apparel, footwear and accessories.

6 Ways To Up Your Marketing Game With Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards have proven its value in businesses and companies as an effective tool for brand promotion in the recent years. Not only these are effective, but are also a powerful marketing tool without having to break the bank.

Take advantage of the wonders of personalized lanyards and take your brand promotion to a whole new level.

Wear Your Brand

ID HoldersWhat is a better way to promote your brand than to wear it yourself? With custom lanyards, wearing your brand anytime anywhere is now made possible.

These lanyards can be customized in different ways according to your style and preference. You may opt to have a sleek, professional look or go with fun and creative designs depending on your target prospects. You may also choose the materials from affordable polyester, high quality nylon and more.

Wearing personalized lanyards can also be a conversation starter with possible clients or customers. With the right style and design, it is sure to attract people to engage in discussions and eventually go down to business.

Distribute Among Staffs

Your staffs are your best assets, so have them do their share and contribute to the brand’s promotion.

Give your employees personalized lanyards and let them help in spreading the word about the business. Make these lanyards part of their uniforms and turn your staffs into a walking brand promoter.

Whether inside or outside the company premises, your staffs wearing lanyards with the company name, logo or brand is an effective way to promote the business.

Aside from that, the personalized lanyards are a good way to uphold team spirit and unity of the company or organization.

Send as Gifts

Show your appreciation with your loyal customers by sending them custom lanyards.

Create a fun and heartwarming design to show your customers how grateful you are with their continuous support. These customers are the reason behind your success, so they only deserve the most special gift.

Promo Offers

LanyardsWhile personalized lanyards are a great way to thank loyal customers, it can also be used to attract new clients.

Everyone loves prizes so why not host regular contests and offer special promos for future clients? Of course, use lanyards with the company brand as one of your exciting prizes.

Use your social media accounts to spread the word about the contest or special promos you are hosting to attract a huge crowd. Anything free is appreciated so expect the crowd biting the bait and new customers inquiring about the business.

Event Freebies

Be it in a conference, trade show or sports event, freebies are always sought after because well, they are free. Who does not love freebies anyway? And what could be a better idea than have these freebies promote your brand.

And yes, you guess it right. Have personalized lanyards serve as one of your event freebies. With customizable and affordable lanyards, you are sure to let your message reach everyone attending the event. Just be sure to include your brand and contact details on each lanyard to keep in touch with new clients even after the event has ended.

Also, it is recommended that you provide different sets of lanyards to fully utilize these freebies. Hand over passing individuals with cheap lanyards and give potential clients a high-quality one. Remember, you are spending funds for these freebies so make sure you are getting the full value it has to offer.

Donate to Charity

With all the success and blessings you receive, make sure you share it with the less fortunate ones.

Donating to charity institutions is a noble deed, and let your brand promote such acts by helping the ones in need. Donate funds and goods such as custom lanyards and promote goodwill among people.

Who knows, you might even get a positive press for doing it. You help someone, they help you back. It is a win-win for everyone.

Even the simplest items can be a powerful marketing tool if only used right. Sometimes, you only need a little bit of creativity and a few bucks to get your brand promotion started.

With that said, we at The Lanyard Factory are more than willing to provide you with the best custom lanyards for all your marketing needs. You are assured of excellent service and quality products if you do business with us.

How to avoid defects in PCB Assembly?

After working so hard for a couple of months, you finally managed to buy that new smartphone you are dreaming of. Finally, you are the first one among your friends to own it.

Now imagine the frustration it would bring if you find out your hard-earned gadget is defective. You cannot help but complain, venting all your frustrations on the manufacturers.

PCB assemblyThese defects, as frustrating as it is, are often rooted from the mistakes committed during the production process. For instance, in the PCB assembly stage, a single mistake can affect the entire electronic production. However, while mistakes are part of every process, it can be very much avoided. And to avoid these defects, it is essential that one must know and understand its root causes to understand how to prevent it.

Check out the following defects in PCB assembly and their root causes to prevent yourself from committing the same mistakes!

Component Shift

Component ShiftThe misalignment of components to its target is called Component Shift. It happens during the reflow stage, wherein components can float on the molten solder, causing realignment.

Component Shift is also caused by mismatched parts to pad geometry, pulling the part towards the closest thermal mass. Moreover, misshapen and bent leads, heat sinking of asymmetrical components, and the oxidation of component may also cause this defect.

However, prevention can be done to avoid this. It includes following the required humidity and temperature and improving the accuracy of components in pick and place machines. You can also lessen the amount of movement the unreflowed assembly sees, and use aggressive flux to improve the component or PCB’s solderability to prevent the defect.

Corrosion due to Flux Residues

Flux is often used before soldering to reduce the oxides that are forming on the copper surface. However, the problem with this is that it can cause corrosion of the surface since it contains corrosive contents such as chlorine or bromine.

To get rid of these inorganic fluxes, the “no-clean” flux, which is composed of organic acids such as adipic or citric, was introduced. This kind of flux is being marketed as a no rinse flux, since organic acids decompose upon being subjected to temperature during the soldering process. Being a no-rinse flux, some manufactures do not bother to clean it.

This organic flux however may not decompose during a wave soldering process, resulting to a flux residue. Since the flux is being shielded from the molten solder, it may not reach the correct temperature for decomposition. This flux residue is still acidic in nature and is possible to cause corrosion in the area it was trapped.

Corrosion can be prevented by removing the flux residue as you clean the wave solder pallets. Use the same solvent that is used to dilute the flux and fiber-free cloths in cleaning the residue to avoid contaminating other products with debris.

Open Solder Joints

Open Solder JointsOpen Solder Joints is caused by the lack of bond between the lead and the pack, or when there is solder only at the component lead but not on the circuit board. This results to an open connection on the PCB.

Other causes include the lack or inconsistency of solder paste or solder paste deposit, or the gap between circuit board pad and components leads. In addition, corrosion or contamination at component’s lead, weak solder paste and poor reflow profile may also cause it.

To prevent this defect, make sure you do the following during the PCB assembly stage: aspect ratio is correct, lead co-planarity is investigated and operator material handling procedures are monitored, extreme environmental effects are avoided, and PCB supplier’s fabrication issues are investigated.

Solder Joints Crack

Solder Joints CrackSolder joints can develop cracks due to stress-induced factors as time pass by. This crack may lead to fractures or the complete separation of the solder balls to the ball grid array (BGA) or PCB. This results to displacement which causes the pin’s permanent failure and unwanted short circuits.

Experts examined trends in electronics during recent years that may lead to the cause of this defect. These trends include the use of lead-free solder and the use of compact BGA components.

Lead-free solder is known for higher brittleness and are more prone to cracks under stress than the traditional tin-lead solder. On the other hand, despite the advantages BGA possess, it is not very efficient at even distribution of stresses.

Both trends when combined increase the possibility of crack if it exceeds the maximum allowable stress.

To avoid solder joints cracks, implement a strain Gage test on the PCB to make sure these trends are within the allowed stress limits. If it exceeded, rework or redesign the fixture to reduce stress to meet the required stress level.

Whether it is a cheap smartphone or complex machinery, defects in any form is a frustrating case. And in one way or another, these can be avoided if one is equipped with the proper knowledge and right skills.

With these problems in mind, Imagineering assures its valued patrons that we have a deep understanding, knowledge and skills to prevent these defects from happening. Expect only the most efficient, cost-effective and satisfying PCB assembly services that you deserve.

PCB Assembly is the process were many component are used and assemble in the circuit board, here a single mistake can affect the entire electronic production.

Timeless Mystique

Each military challenge coin that soldiers have—all of these have a story to tell. From the first that they receive upon entering service—from their first unit, their first commander—to the last that they receive before retirement, these custom military coins all represent the various steps and paths that soldiers take in their journey to serve their country.

This journey can be different for each soldier. Some may be called to serve with utmost diligence in logistics. Others may be called to firmly defend their countrymen on the frontlines. Some may be even called to raise the spirits of their fellow soldiers and better the public’s understanding of the military’s role in society. These paths are often varied and diverse in the different roads that they take, but all of these paths are equally important because, in the end, they are just one common journey with the defense and common good of the nation as their common destination.

This journey has been proudly taken up by generations of soldiers and nowhere is it better embodied than in the timeless tradition of military challenge coins—custom military coins that bear the emblems or insignias of the units and commanders that they have been called to serve. These custom military coins are not just coins. They are each symbols of the steps that each soldier has taken in his journey to serve his or her nation.

This practice has become so enduring that even civilians now adopted it as their own as well. From congressmen and the president to policemen and firemen—civilian challenge coins, with their own various insignias and emblems, have proven to be as popular and widespread as their equivalents in the military.


Yet, just as challenge coins have spread throughout the military and beyond and have gone to chronicle the various paths taken by generations of soldiers–and now even civilians–the coins themselves have undergone several changes. No one knows where or how exactly these coins came about. Some would say the Romans. Others would say American airmen in WW1. Still others would say the army. What people do know is that they started in the military and when they did, they started off as simple coins with equally simple emblems. Nowadays, advances in technology over the years have ensured that the custom military coins of today are now much more complex than the coins of yesteryear.

We have done our best to keep up with these advances by offering a diverse set of options in customizing the challenge coins that allow them to best represent and symbolize what you intend to represent and symbolize for your coins. For instance, there are four main features that are customizable with our current system of design and production: the metal style, the diamond cut edge styles, the design and the shape of the coin itself.

For the metal style, we offer eight styles: polished gold, antique gold, polished silver, antique silver, polished brass, antique brass, polished copper, antique copper, black nickel metal and duo tone metal. These different metal styles allow your coins to not only have different overall appearances, but also different overall textures.

For diamond cut edge styles, we offer five styles: the standard edge, the rope cut edge, the cross cut edge, the wave cut edge and the oblique cut edge. These different diamond cut edge styles allow your coins to get a far deeper sense of texture when you hold them with your fingers.

For the design and shape of the coin itself, we have various options to ensure that your coins will be truly personal and valued. We offer options such as offset print and engraved text to give a special touch to the wording on your coins. We also offer options such as epoxy coating and translucent enamel to allow your coins to have a smooth and visually-appealing shine to them. We also offer options such as 3D designing, custom shaping and keychain attachments to give your coins a unique and distinct physical appearance.

Times may change–but we will make sure that your custom military coins will still have their unique sense of timeless mystique.

Writing a Speech for Safety Presentations

One of the most crucial aspects of delivering successful safety presentations is to write a good presentation. Writing is what gives a speaking engagement its form and structure. It is also what gives it its flow and it essentially determines what the speech or talk will be about. How you write and put your presentation together will determine how successful you will be in making your point. If done properly, a highly personal and engaging safety talk can convey something very important or urgently relevant and prompt the audience to make the desired action.

Here are some tips on how one can write a good speech that people will actually listen to:

Make an outline of your presentation

One of the first things anyone does when building or creating something, whether be it a building, a song, poetry, or a work of art, is to give it a solid structure. The rest of the components can be built from a good structure. This is also true in the case of speeches for safety presentations. An outline essentially serves as a guide for you to deliver an organized presentation. It is an organizational tool that allows you to “control” the flow of your talk. A well-organized talk will be easier for your audience to listen to and understand.

Have only a few and relevant points

Some safety presentations can be boring because of the lengthy safety procedures and equipment “names.” You can still, however, keep your audience interested to listen to what you are saying. You can do this be keeping things short and simple enough for them to understand. Do not go through all the contents of a wilderness safety kit when you are talking about occupational safety tips.

Focus on the topic at hand and make it interesting to your audience. Stay on track with your outline. Do not stray or give them irrelevant information that would simply be considered as a waste of their precious time.

Remember that you are going to talk, not write, about something

There is a difference between writing and talking. Although most speeches are actually written first before they are delivered to a live audience, the general tone and delivery would be different. Safety presentations are more direct yet personal and conversational. The sentences are often short – you should be able to deliver the entire line in one breath. There might also be pauses or breaks that you should be conscious about.

sefty talksOne of the things that one must remember when writing for a speaking engagement is that you are going to speak in front of a live audience. Writing for live Safety Presentations is different from writing an article about a safety technology or trend. What may look good on a piece of paper may sound horrible when spoken on stage.

When writing for a presentation, one must write a story

The world is moved by stories, not facts and figures. In the arena of motivational speaking, the same thought holds true. People can relate to an inspirational or terrible story, not by a random statistic of how many people die each year due to an accident involving a piece of equipment. People can not only connect better with stories, one can actually be moved by these stories and be in themselves moved to action by doing something that is desperately needed or highly urgent.

When writing your safety presentation, remember the basics of storytelling. Have a beginning, a substantial body, and a conclusion to wrap everything up and spur your audience to act. Depending on your audience, you can insert personal stories or real life stories into your presentation to make it more interesting and relevant.

motivationSafety presentations are more direct yet personal and conversational. It is an organizational tool that allows you to “control” the flow of your talk.


Employers spend a fortune for their employees not just through the salaries and allowances that they are paid with. The high costs of trainings, seminars, and other activities for employee development, for example, are expenses to which corporations are bound to regularly incur while they strive towards the improvement of their human resources. In any case, expenses for employee training and development are to be viewed as wise investments from which a company may expect valuable and long-term results. For a company to optimize the results of such investments, it is however necessary that the trained individual remains loyal and stays with the organization for the longest possible time.
Employee retention is among the many challenges of talent management which companies must regularly contend with. Trained individuals who have developed specialized skills in particular jobs in an organization can fill a high demand in the job market, particularly in those companies that are operating within the same industry as the person’s existing employment. While companies usually require timed commitments from their employees following their trainings, some breaches from such commitments are not unusual. Furthermore, while there are other employees who decide to make good their promise to stay with the company within the specified terms, a much longer time that they are employed would have been more ideal, in order that the companies could maximize the returns of their investments upon their employees.

x-pertThis failure to sustain employee retention can further lead to additional costs to a company. To fill in any vacated post, the company will once again have to go through the long and tedious process of candidate recruitment, employee selection, engagement, orientation and training. It will also definitely take a while before a new employee can fully equip himself of the knowledge and skills that his job may require. Not only financial resources, but also time and effort will again be spent by the company for its new hires. Talentkeepers has been the leader in employee retention.

It is clear then that employee retention is one aspect of talent management that must be constantly looked into. To aid organizations in the satisfaction of this duty, there are human resources professionals who provide an employee retention solution that is sure to deliver results for the company. This talent management solution is particularly crucial for the retention of an organization’s best performers, its top sellers and those who are taking highly critical jobs for the team. As the younger generations are also found to have the greater tendency to leave and switch jobs, they are also among the persons against whom this solution for employee retention may prove most beneficial.

With the extensive experience of human resources professionals in the area of talent management, they have identified the crucial steps and applicable tools toward effective employee retention. Their service ordinarily begins with the identification and analysis of the cost, the various reasons and the effects of an employee turnover within its client organization. They further seek to understand the reasons why certain employees decide to join and remain loyal with the company. Given these vital information which are usually obtained through the conduct of customized employment engagement surveys, the professionals come up with employee retention strategies that can eliminate or at least decrease the conditions that encourage separation from the organization.

perfectProper handling of human resources also highlights the importance of communication. The organization’s executives are encouraged to actively participate in activities that can encourage open communication and strengthened commitment between the management and the employees. It will then be clear that an effective talent management cannot be based solely on the efforts of one party, but will require the active cooperation of the human resources professionals, the management, and all the employees.